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Portable Generators

When disaster strikes it’s important to be prepared. Generac Portable Generators are important to keep in your home in case of emergencies. Portable generators are a fast way to light up your house when there is a loss of power and are great for powering up any household essentials such as a refrigerator, water pump, heater or fan, and lights. Portable Generators are great

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for any homeowner who isn’t quite ready to make the commitment to a permanent generator.


Riley Electrical, LLC can provide your home with a Generac Portable Generator to ensure your home has the electrical power it needs during an emergency.

There are many benefits to a Generac Portable Generator such as:

  • Easy to operate
  • Cost of operation is based on cost of fuel
  • Peace of mind
  • Creates a comforting environment during emergencies and power outages

Generac has been a trusted generator brand since 1959, designing and manufacturing backup power generators for residential, commercial, and industrial application. Riley Electrical, LLC has been supplying customers with Generac Generators since 2006. We have become a trusted Generac PowerPro Elite sales and service dealer. We supply several types of portable generators such as:

  • iX Series
  • HomeLink
  • GP Series
  • LP Series
  • XG Series
  • XP Series

Prepare your home with a Generac Home Backup Generator! Give us a call today!